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About Mellomgården

Between Skara, Skövde and Falköping you will find Mellomgårdens Café and Gårdsbutik. More specifically in Norra Lundby a bit from Varnhem, overlooking Lake Hornborgasjön.

We who run Mellomgården together are Mattias Blomqvist and Åsa Lidén. The fact that we became café owners was almost a coincidence – we intended to build houses in Varnhem, but knew that artist Lasse Holgersson's studio and art gallery were for sale. We went there and looked, and the decision was obvious as soon as we stepped over the threshold: This is where we want to live with our children!

After many years in the shopping-trade, Åsa felt that it was time to change track in life, and why not start a café at home? The market seemed to exist and the premises would fit perfectly. In addition, all customer contacts were something I felt I would miss from the store years. So it had to be a café, and in March 2018 we opened the doors for the first time.

We have listened to our visitors and broadened our offering step by step. Today, therefore, in addition to the café with the delicious galettes, we can also offer a well-stocked boutique, cottage rental, parking for motorhomes, conferences, party events and art exhibitions. Visitors who appreciate good food, coffee and beautiful views in peace and quiet are only getting more and more. You are welcome too!

Åsa and Mattias

"Great café and great food, fun events"



Sustainability – a matter of the heart

Protecting the environment is a good business in the long term – not just for nature. So we at Mellomgården are happy to make an extra effort for a sustainable future.

As far as possible, we use locally produced ingredients, ranging from vegetables and fruits to milk and cream. Our cheese comes from well-known Sivans in Stora Levene, the beer and apple must from breweries in Falköping and Mariestad, the salmon from Lake Vänern, the wild boar meat from the Skaraborg forests – and so on. The buckwheat flour that is the main ingredient in our galettes comes from Värmland, where Sweden's only buckwheat mill is located – and it is also not very far away.

If there are organic or KRAV-labelled products, we choose them in the first place. And of course, our coffee and teas are Fairtrade branded!

Working in this way minimizes the carbon footprint, while the short transports give us fresh raw materials of the highest quality.

Our sustainability approach also includes minimising waste when planning our menus. And when it comes to energy, we are completely self-sufficient with renewable electricity for the entire farm, thanks to solar panels on the barn roof. In the parking lot there is a charging pole for electric cars – when the café is open!

Contact us

Phone number: (+46) 0700 55 80 90

Find here

If you enter the address in your GPS navigator, it is Norra Lundby, Mellomgården 1, 532 93 Axvall that applies. 

If you come from road 49 between Skara and Skövde, turn towards Varnhem and drive through the community on towards Broddetorp. After just over 3 km you take off to the right where the sign says AXVALL 5/GÅRDSBUTIK CAFÉ.

From Falköping you drive towards Broddetorp and Varnhem past Hornborgasjön and take to the left where the sign says AXVALL 5/GÅRDSBUTIK CAFÉ.

You can also reach us via the small winding road that runs from Axvall east towards Norra Lundby and Varnhem.